Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The premise is wrong

In wake of yesterday's tragedy at the Navy Yard, the left was all up in a tizzy about gun control. They saw an opportunity, and they jumped. As Rahm Emanuel would say "never let a good crisis go to waste."

And they didn't.

Now that I'm a free agent, I can engage with Media Matters again.  They tweeted:
Since I did quite a lot of gun research at my last job, I'm familiar with several examples that prove MMFA's premise is wrong. So I responded by telling them to google Clackmas Town Center shooting (you should, too).

If you're unfamiliar with this, there's multiple reasons. It wasn't considered "mass" shooting because there were only three fatalities, including the shooter, and one person injured. To be a "mass" shooting, there must be at least four victims. But probably the BIGGER reason you didn't hear about it was that the gunman was confronted by an armed citizen. When the shooter saw somone pull out a gun, he went to the side and offed himself.

Crisis was averted with minimal damage, thanks to a responsible gun owner. Who knows what would've happened if there hadn't be a citizen with a conceal and carry in the mall.

There are other examples of this. People defend themselves with guns every day. Just providing one example, within the past year nonetheless, proves that Media Matter's original premise that "armed citizens haven't stopped a mass shooting in 30 years" utterly false.

When you say there hasn't been ONE example of this, and there IS one example, your premise is wrong.

Well, responding the MMFA is always interesting, so, of course, the anti-gun trolls came. A couple of them even admitted that my example was valid, but didn't seem to fathom that my one example makes MMFA's statement a complete farce.

theBurlyChef, who refuses to use his actual name and isn't even an American, continued to argue with me. He could not comprehend what I was saying, and kept changing the subject when I emphatically said the premise was wrong.

Liberals can be so predictable. Every one of them sidestepped that I did, in fact, provide an example of a mass shooting being prevented by a gun owner.

You know what's funny about trolls?  They really hate it when you call them one.  I'm also not sure if they have jobs ... probably not if they're living under this economy, but I digress.

I get really tired of the same old arguments every. single. time. They're not even creative anymore, and, quite frankly, it seems that people are perfectly content to push an agenda and a lie. It's despicable.


  1. Nice post, Liz. Their minds may never change, but lets hope the 2nd Amendment doesn't either.

    1. Not if I have anything to do with it. :) Good hearing from you Jared.