Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another example of the real War on Women

A friend from college recently sent me an article about Sushmita Banerjee, an Indian woman who was murdered by the Taliban for telling the truth about radical Islam.

Her offense was writing about how she escaped from the Taliban, which was later turned into a Bollywood movie. She had recently moved back to her native home in Afghanistan, where the Tailiban targeted and shot her dead in front of her home.

Her book, A Kabuliwala’s Bengali Wife, detailed how she escaped from Afghanistan when her husband was away on business, but was abducted and forced back by her own family. She was kept under house arrest.

I have yet to see any American feminist say a word about Ms. Banerjee. I'd ask Amanda Marcotte her opinion on the issue, but she blocked me. So, I guess I won't.

What a sad country we live in when those who claim to be trumpeting women's rights ignore those women who need the help the most. While Marcotte & Co continue to whine about birth control and abortion, there are women who are actually standing up to REAL oppressors ... and losing their lives for it. Maybe some of these feminists should move to the Middle East. Their idea of oppression would be completely changed.

Banerjee is not the only women that the Taliban has assassinated -- their M.O. is pretty much to silence any woman who attempts to expose them for the oppressive men that they are. The Telegraph outlines other attacks on women in the part year here.

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